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Can't Sleep? Come knit with us!

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the great teddy bear adventure [Nov. 14th, 2006|01:41 am]
Nocturnal Knit


Just an example of my knitting blunders.

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An Intro and a Whine [Nov. 12th, 2006|02:52 am]
Nocturnal Knit

Hi, I joined awhile back, but I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Cassi, a SAHM to 2. I've been knitting and crocheting for years, I hardly remember I time I wasn't playing with yarn. I've always been a bit of a night owl, but I'm up later than usual more often since my husband's been gone (Iraq). This is my quiet time to waste on the internet and knit for the boys.

Now for the whine. What do you do when you can't knit? The details are on my personal journal, suffice it to say I have a rather nasty infection in both hands, and they just don't want to move the way I want them to. I can't sleep yet, but I'm all twitchy and my hands feel empty without the yarn and needles. I used to have other hobbies, I just don't remember any that didn't require some detailed hand motions. Help, before I go crazy and cast on a scarf on giant needles that I'll never finish just to get rid of the urge to play with pointy sticks!
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holiday knitting [Nov. 11th, 2006|05:58 am]
Nocturnal Knit

[mood |optimisticoptimistic]

I'm sorry I haven't posted recently - I have been up and knitting at night. But I have a shoulder injury that seems to be triggered by the repetetive nature of using my laptop, so I've been knitting but not writing!

Its suddenly hit me that its mid-November and I have only about 6 weeks to finish my holiday knitting! There's still so much I wanted to do- where did the time go????
On the needles:

1.A black mock T for my best friend who works at Starbucks & has to wear black to work
2. Fingerless gloves and a matching scarf in bright purple for a friend who likes jewel colours
3. A pink lace scarf - about half done - for another friend who had breast cancer
4. A back lace scarf (same pattern as above) for my sister

to do:
a scarf in malabrigo for my sister's boyfriend
a black shawl in the prayer shawl pattern for someone who's been like a parent to me
fingerless gloves in the Lorna's Laces "Aslan" yarn for a friend who loves the Narnia movie
a shrug for a special professor
little ornamental mittens for friends at work and everyone, really

When I look at this list, it just doesn't seem possible to get it all finished!

and, finally, my childhood pet, my dachshund, died recently - he was 19 years old! - and I made a scarf to commemorate him. Here it is being deliberately ignored by my cat, his arch rival:

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wild rain and knitting [Oct. 29th, 2006|01:40 am]
Nocturnal Knit

[mood |sleepysleepy]
[music |the decemberists]

all night the wind and rain has been blowing hard enough to knock a tree down, and has apparently hit a transformer, because the lights have been flickering and it looks like all the lights on the next street over are out! its comforting to know that even if the lights go out, i can still knit in that old-fashioned way the people have been doing for centuries - by candlelight! hee hee!

I'm working on 3 scarves at once in a pattern of my own design. One is fawn coloured, one pink, and one black/brown. They have an autumn feel to them, I think - but of course thats only because I know what I had in mind! I'm using a falling leaf lace pattern that looks a bit like drooping willow leaves. I like it! we'll see how it actually turns out.

Has anyone started thier holiday knitting? I know that one of us is making socks for her father, but i wondered what other folks were doing?

I thought that I wouldn't make any knitted gifts this year, but I'm finding I can't hold myself back! I want to give the scarves (of course), some fingerless mitts to friends, and little miniature mitten ornaments to everyone at work... and I want to make a black mock t-neck sweater with mid-length sleeves for my sister, who works at Starbucks and has to wear black. I thought a wide ribbed style would go together pretty quickly...

what about you guys? nighttime is a good time to knit the gifts, because no one sees... :-)
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Nocturnal Knitter in the UK [Oct. 28th, 2006|12:03 am]
Nocturnal Knit

Just a quick introduction post. I too knit mostly at night. The reason for this is I have severe sleep disorder associated with neurological problems resulting from my disability. I am never asleep before 4am. Unfortunately this also means I never wake up til noon most days. My illness has flares and relapses which often confine me to bed for weeks at a time.

I had to move back with parents after becoming homeless (long story) 6 years ago, so all my worldly goods are crammed into one tiny bedroom. This is where I do my knitting, in bed, because there is nowhere else to sit down!

I am currently working on my father's Christmas gift (long socks) which I have to knit entirely at night to keep the gift secret. This leads to some often painful situations. My father does a fair bit of homecare for me and has a habit of barging into my room unannounced (usually carrying food and other provisions). Unfortunately this means I have often been forced to throw down my dpns and lay across them in a last ditched attempt to hide the secret socks from view.

Let's just say that trying to hold a conversation with someone while 10 tiny points are sticking into my flesh, has proved to be somewhat challenging!

Hi to all the other nocturnal knitters out there!
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felting patons sws [Oct. 27th, 2006|11:00 am]
Nocturnal Knit

Tonight's late night knitting adventure was felting some test swatches I made using Patons Soy Wool Stripes. The color is Natural Denim and these three swatches used the entire ball of yarn.

I liked this yarn a lot to work with. The color variations are pretty with long stretches between not very gradual changes and it has a nice luster. The fuzziness of the yarn made it feel a little like very soft twine. The thickness varies a lot as illustrated below, with some areas having very little twist and some having high twist.  It knit up pretty evenly on size 9 needles.  Using bluntish bamboo needles I had no trouble with splitting but I can see how it would be possible with pointy needles.  As single-ply yarn does, the stockinette columns created \| shapes rather than V shapes.

I put each swatch through two full washer cycles with hot wash & cold rinse, in well pinned-shut pillowcases, along with some jeans and towels and a bathrobe. I took them out and straightened the swatches after each spin. Lint/fuzz creation was pretty low. Before, midway, and after pictures are all available on my Flickr account.  The pre-felting photos are pinned but not blocked.  The post-felting photos are damp from the washer and not yet pinned out to even them up.  The measuring tapes are for scale since I wasn't consistent with camera distance & zoom.

The garter swatch will probably be given for Christmas as a potholder, and I'll cut the stockinette swatch into two coasters.  No plans for the herringbone swatch since it's so small.  Ideas?

ETA: i'm also eager for ideas on how to use the remaining 5 balls of this yarn in my stash. free patterns preferred.
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nocturnal crankiness [Oct. 22nd, 2006|03:56 am]
Nocturnal Knit

[mood |crankycranky]

I should change my name to "cranky-knitter" because I am up and not happy about it! I have tummy troubles for the last two nights...the other side of the coin is that I have been pretty productive knitting on my holiday gift list... i saw a picture in a magazine of these cute Christmas stockings that looked all old fashioned and I really want to give them a try! No pattern or anything, but I think I can work it out. They look just like regular socks with a picot edge, except the leg part you just keep knitting and knitting and knitting. What do you think? might be boring to knit, but the end product is very cute!

Dr. Suess socksCollapse )
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(no subject) [Oct. 21st, 2006|05:21 am]
Nocturnal Knit

I typed out these instructions for someone who had made a chart in Word and wanted to know how to post the chart as an image. I thought it might be useful for others as well.

I don't know for sure that this works on a Mac but I know it does for a PC. you can make it into a picture as follows:

1. make sure the whole chart fits on your computer screen (maximize the Word window, zoom out on the document if necessary).

2. press the Print Screen key on your keyboard. this puts a screenshot onto the clipboard.

3. open a graphics program such as MS Photo Editor, Photoshop, even Paint will work.

4. from the Edit menu, choose Paste. this will put the screenshot into a new image document.

5. use the crop feature of your graphics program to isolate just the chart. this is usually a tool that looks like a dotted rectangle which you use to surround the part of the image you want, then select Crop from the image menu. if you're using Paint, the easiest way is to select the part of the image you want, choose Cut from the edit menu then start a new image and Paste the bit you cut out into the new image.

6. save this new image, probably as a .jpg file.

that's it! now you can upload it to Flickr or wherever you have images hosted and post it here. I hope these directions make sense; comment if you have questions and I'll try to make it clearer.

And for some actual knitting content, I took advantage of the yarn sale at Michael's and got some Paton's SWS to make Christmas gifts out of. I'm currently working on a swatch to test felting, and the gifts will probably turn out to be pillows or bags. So far I'm really liking it.
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knit night [Oct. 17th, 2006|06:12 am]
Nocturnal Knit

[mood |awakeawake]

I should have posted when I started knitting in the wee hours instead of now when I stopped knitting! I am making a scarf for a friend and was trying to find a lace pattern that I wanted to use for the yarn. I search and searched through my books and magazines but it wasn't until an hour ago that I found what I wanted!

The yarn is Louisa Harding Impressions. I wouldn't have picked this yarn out myself, because it is kind of glitzy and a bland tan/white colour with a silver thread, but it was in a gift bag from my LYS at one of their events. Its knitting up really pretty though with the tan and white blending into each other like an animal fur print. I finally hit on the "boxed plowed field" lace pattern from the Barbara Walker book of stitches - it looks like little feathers and is only a four-row repeat.

Since I only have one ball (this yarn is $12 per skein!) the scarf is only 22 stitches wide on size 5 needles but I think its going to end up okay if its long enough to wrap twice aorund the neck. I'll post pictures when its more done!

Oh! And I watched old Vicar of Dibley episodes while I knitted tonight...and hot chocolate...mmmmmm.
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podcasts & such [Oct. 17th, 2006|08:18 am]
Nocturnal Knit

hooray! I'm so glad people are enjoying the community. I realized I never really answered my "what do you do while you knit" question.

If I'm knitting at home, I'm often either watching a dvd or listening to music or a podcast. My latest favorite is CraftLit (I'm also a book junkie). If it's an easy pattern I can read or study at the same time, but I find recorded books (librivox or on tape) much easier to follow.

I've compiled a list of knitting-related podcasts in my own journal but I thought I'd copy that here in case anyone hasn't jumped on the bandwagon yet. Some of these haven't been updated in a while, but I'm hoping they aren't gone for good. If I'm missing any, be sure to post a comment! In no particular order...

cast on
knitty d and the city
pointy sticks podcast
knitting psychos
lime & violet
let's knit 2gether video podcast
pixie purls podcast
math 4 knitters
knit tunes
it's a purl, man
knitting down under
irie knits
red light knitting
the knitting cook
at the yarn shop
knitting news cast
just linda
secret knitting
craft sanity
weave cast
crochet cast
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