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Nocturnal Knit

Can't Sleep? Come knit with us!

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knitting at night
Welcome to Nocturnal_Knit!

This is a community for anyone who knits at night. Insomnia? Swing shift? Night-owl? Just can't seem to put that project down? Whatever the reason you're welcome to share your progress, thoughts, and ramblings on anything knitting, crafting, nighttime, or sleep related. While we're focused on fiber arts, really all crafters and night people are welcome. Play nice and enjoy!

A few simple rules:

* please place large images under an lj-cut
* crossposting is ok as long as it doesn't get out of hand
* no flaming or personal attacks
* no spam! promoting your own work on occasion is ok, posting again every time you add something new to your etsy shop is not
* no copyright violations - link to an online pattern, or post a few lines if you need help, but only post a full pattern if you wrote it yourself and are willing to share it freely
* capitalization is optional and acronyms like FO, LYS, and LOL are fine, bUT PlEeZ d0n"T p05T l13K Th1sS !!!!11111!!!1~
* the community user icon is under copyright, all rights reserved, and is not to be used without permission